Petri Dish Project

Petri Project by McFarland & Singer

For our residency showcase exhibitions this winter we are putting together a collaborative exhibition piece made up of petri dishes which we have filled with creative and scientific things generated through our residency. Staff, students, schools and other creatives have also contributed their own petri dishes to the project and we would like you to contribute too. Scientists have included representations of their research while the artists have made many petri dishes with personal meaning such as scraps of cloth representing the idea of ‘creative DNA’ or prints representing chromosomes as well as collections of lab detritus including lids and fastenings.


The theme is simply ‘My DNA’. You can interpret this as you wish but please nothing hazardous, liquids or bits of bodies or anything else which will go off during several months of exhibition. Please note that most of the petri dishes will be sealed up and displayed flat on a wall so please bear this in mind when you create your piece. Some may be presented flat in stacks so only the edges show.

This is now closed so we can incorporate all the contributions in time for the exhibition opening on 10th November. Thanks for your interest.





One comment on “Petri Dish Project

  1. […] This year I have been artist in residence at Leicester University Department of Genetics alongside Gillian McFarland. Our residency showcase exhibition takes place at Leicester University November – January and includes our sculptural glass work created in collaboration with the university’s scientific glassblower Gayle Price, works on paper, photography and the Petri dish project. […]


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