Barley Meiosis

Ruth & Gillian have been collaborating with Dr Isabelle Colas at the James Hutton Institute on a project to interpret the meiosis (cell division) which naturally occurs in the barley plant.

During the research discussions with Dr Colas, we were fascinated by the diagrams of changing cell division and reconnection which occurs in barley. Following on from previous work with genetics and mutations, we developed the idea of creating a representation of these processes and asking for others to create their own unique mutations and cell divisions.

We have designed and produced a set of cards showing the process, to be printed on paper including straw to represent barley. These cards will be sorted into unique mutations / arrangements by project participants showing the changes that can occur naturally with this plant.

The groups of arranged cards will be displayed en masse. This work will be shown in 2022 at the James Hutton Institute.

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